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In service retreat with Bozena

21-31 March 2022
Location: Netherlands
Maximum participants : 20
Price: Eur 1700,- with Eur350 non-refundable payment upon registration


Are you in service? In service to what or whom? Yourself, humanity, the earth, univers, god?
Can you and will you go deeper in service?

Are you open and curious about the possibility that there are higher forces and a meaning to all there is? Are you on the path of healing? Healing yourself and also others around. Much energy is going into healing of trauma, but what is it’s source?

What is your purpose? purpose of this life or even better, what is your soul-purpose?

Living your purpose, being in service and healing, all come with responsibility and connection. Working with Bozena is nothing like a-walk-in-the-parc. You might get triggered in several ways, pushed and pulled, called into drama, projections etc. Can you stay truly present? Can you look behind this all and experience, feel the teachings? Can you handle the truth? At the same time, there is also a lot of joy, innocence and playfulness.

Bozena is a living Master, having access to different dimensions, seeing, hearing, knowing things, many of us cannot even imagine. Her work leads to soul-purpose and liberation. As you might understand, this does not happen in 10 days. It is a work in progress and your current level of awareness, willingness and dedication are very much influencing your path.


The exact program depends on the participants. It is very much custom-made. You can expect :

short and long meditations
breathing techniques to clear the main energy channels
Channeled teachings
techniques and teachings which lead to ‘I AM PRESENCE’
what is the source of trauma and how to work with it. Inner trauma and earth trauma. Global trauma which also affects our inner path.
learning and understanding of energy
Saloon evenings: “ where we will discourse about our own participation to the main importance happening now on the planet, as well as sharing and singing.

All learning and teaching will be with a lot of joy - only way transmission can happen . - very important is transmission.


The retreat will be held as a ‘SERVING EACH OTHER’ concept, in which we together accumulate energy which later needs to spread.
This means we will be cleaning, cooking, eating for and with each other in service.

For more information please contact Juli at or +31643888771

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