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Connection  Playfulness   Humbleness   Presence    Love
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Something magical is arising… We love to invite you to a Mountain retreat. In the past few months we have been talking to many people about this call we are hearing, and many have said they would like to be kept informed. 

So while we work out the details, you can already register for the mailing list. 


We just came back from a scouting trip to the french Alps. Looking and feeling what is to arise… searching for that gem of a location. And yes we have found it! A simple but sweet Gite in Valfrejus. Secluded and still close enough to other life. 


Through finding this venue, pieces of the puzzle started to come together. This journey will be about connection! With yourself, your body, with others AND with the Mountain and all elements.


The mountain is a force of nature. Rising high into the sky, often with it’s head in the clouds and his base deeply emerged into the earth. So many people coming and going, taking pieces of it and still it is standing in full force. Even when the elements are harsh, a storm or water that has frozen and comes down to cover it all… the mountain is still there… Always inviting life.

What can we learn from the mountain? What can we embody and bring home? And what do we bring to the mountain? How can we submerge in its infinite power without losing ourselves. 


As mentioned before, the program is in the making. What we can share already are some things we will include:

  • connective breathing

  • journaling

  • guided outdoor meditations

  • challenge you physical wellbeing in your own pace

  • inviting innocence back into life

  • Ceremonies and rituals

  • playfulness

  • guided cold water dips

  • time for trailwalks, skiing, snowboarding, telemarkskiing, tourskiing,building snowcaves, snowshoewalking

  • togetherness

  • walks and talks

  • a hot tub and sauna

  • full board, Healthy plant based organic food

  • most probably the midi bus travel from the Netherlands to Valfrejus and back

Who are we?








Matthijs Katsma & Juli Pohan


We have met early 2023 during the Breath coach Training of Adem & Stem. Pretty soon we felt we needed to connect outside of this student/ teacher dynamic and see what comes up… what came were many hours of philosophising about…. well about a lot… 

We share the love of mesmerising mountains, moving our bodies, laughing, taking responsibility more and more, playing, food and so much more. And we love sharing all this with you for a couple of days if you are open to it.

We both share a deep longing for transformation. Change that needs to be done in order to thrive in a healthy relation with ourselves, our surroundings and with mother earth.

We need to rebuild our relation to the most powerful places on earth. This can only be done in a secure, playful but sacred space. Together with fellow travellers.


If you would like to stay posted, please fill in the form and you will hear from us somewhere in april. 

No worry, we will not spam you with all kinds of other stuff… None of us is an online genius.


21 February - 2 March 2025 Valfrejus France

Thank you kindly and warm wishes for now.


Matthijs & Juli

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